What We do - Our Mission

Therapy Clinics International (TCI) partners with local people and organizations to train rehabilitation promoters. These rehabilitation promoters, in turn, use community resources to meet the needs of people with disability for basic rehabilitation and restoration services in rural areas of developing nations. As they do, they advocate for the rights of people with disabilities, share the Gospel, and train the local church in effective ministry to people with disabilities.

Why We Do It

We believe every person is created in the image of God for a purpose. We purpose to help each individual find their fullest potential and place in the body of Christ. We believe the one person in the rural community waiting for physical therapy services is just as valuable and important as the hundreds in more populated areas. We want to make sure each person gets the help they need, regardless of where they live.

If it hadn’t been for the therapy program at ASELSI my son would still be lying in bed today. Instead, he is walking and running around.”
— Joshua's Mom

How we do it

TCI provides the curriculum and trainers to train rehabilitation promoters in each area. We assist the local partners in developing the program that works best for them. We provide continued training and mentorship to best serve people with disabilities in the area.